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~ Urbana Courier Herald ~

Wednesday,April 24 1907

City and County Join hands in herding pack of Hobos to bull pen. City and County were in Cahoots Monday night when the proposition of raiding two overgrown hobo camps, just north of the Big Four yards, presented itself.

The report came in that over 100 wandering Williams had encamped on the sequestered spot, Sheriff Peters, Deputy Sturdyvin Cheif McKinny and policeman Hudson buckled on their implements of warfare and descended upon the unsuspecting Knights of the tin can.
An unlucky 13 were herded to the city station and lodged in the bull pen and about an hour later officer John Woodin who had been left on picket duty came triumphantly in with ten more who had came home late and ran unaware into the trap. This morning 22 of this motley crew were taken to the Champaign line and turned over to the Champaign police who escorted them to the western limits of the sister city and told them to begone. They hiked.

The twenty third bum turned out to be the one who had drawn a razor on Court Colvin in Brothers restaurant the other night without any provocation and he was lodged in jail for vagarancy. He gave his name as Flynn and seemed to deeply regret the departure of his chums. He was deprived of the razor

The raid was made as it was suspected by the police that some one of the gang might have been responsible for burglaries and other offenses reported of late

Wednesday,April 25 1907

~And the Hobo Came Back He couldn't stay away- Again in the Jug~

" I was stuck on de burg and I couldn't stay away" declared a nondescript human in the city hall this morning who like the traditional cat who chased away but persisted in returning
This weary person was one of the 22 tramps who were escorted out of the limits tuesday. The others departed but he came back and annouced that he had come to stay. The officers took him at his word and escorted him into the hotel with the barred windows.

IF you have pictures or stories about the neighborhood please