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~ Criminal Hill ~

It was midnight on Criminal Hill, Darkness, utter darkness, except for a pale red light that spurted like magic from the ground! And around this mysterious glimmer were gathered Satan and his disciples.
I am mentioning no names. But to these, banished from the paradise of high school , flannel shirted , and with his hair unkempt, Satan drew from the fire and gave a tattered piece of sandpaper, flowing with red seals and the whole thing steaming and crackling with the heat of unknown depths.
I stole nearer. In his big, rusty hands the chief of the banished ones held the document. Over his shoulder I made out the words. The document follows:

We , the disciples of Satan from our profound wisdom, and our infinite knowledge of the class of 1921( for who else but we could know of them?) and from our associations with them in their loafing hours in that little semi-circle in front of Daly's, and from our attendance at their”sweetly simple” social affairs, draw the material for the following will.

Criminal Hill
The 3rd of June,


George Cox
George Rea
Stewart Votaw
Willis Atkinson

By A. Wayne Clemens.
For the Class of 1921
Urbana Illinois

Coming Soon History and pictures of Mrs. Barrs Subdivision.

IF you have pictures or stores about the neighborhood please