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Mrs. Elizabeth Barr Subdivision

On the thirtieth day of July 1819 a treaty was signed at Edwardsville, Illinois between the United States and the Kickapoo Indian Tribe seceding the territory to the Whites. By 1828 the first european settlers like Runnel Fielder and William Tompkins started arriving to the area..John and Susan Brant from Kentucky purchased 160 Acres on Oct 15th 1830 at Palestine IL, paying $1.25 per acre from the United states Government On April 24th 1837 The Brants Sold the 160 acres, which as of 1833, was located in Urbana in the new Champaign County, to William T. Webber, also a Kentuckian, for the sum of 1000.00 dollars . William before his death the following September had acquired over 600 acres of land in about Urbana. but unfortunately, did not make out a Will which required the court to be involved in his familys inheritance . The courts decision was to appoint Mathew Busey, Edward Arter and John Campbell as commisioners to make assignment of dower and partition the land amongst the heirs. The land was sectioned off in to 25 properties ranging from 6 acres up to 80 acres, Nancy, Williams wife, was given 1/3 of all the properties according to her dower. The remaining parcels of land was sectioned off and numbered from one to ten then each child was given equil shares of property . Thomson R Webber, the oldest son of William T Webber also the first post master and county Clerk of Champaign Co was given all property's marked section No 4. One of the properties, north east of town, would be rented out for farming until Dec of 1877. at that time, Thomson least 5 acres off the south end of 14.41 acres to Royal A Sutton to acquire the clay for making bricks. The following year Mr Sutton moved the Sutton Brick and Tile factory on the property having bought the land from Mr Webber for 240.00 dollars. The Sutton Brick and Tile Company sold the land to a James Clinton Hurd in 1889 and Mr Hurd in turn sold the land to Andrew Barr in june of 1890. The south end of the 5 acres that Royal A Sutton bought is now known today as the 700 block of east University Ave. [ The property became known as the Brick Yard Property] Section No.5, also 14.41 acres was inherited by Augustine M. Webber who passed away by 1863, Thomson R Webber was appointed the Commissioner of trust for his children. Thomson sold the land for the Children to a James Myers in 1867 who in turn sold it three years later to a Morrison Cain. One year later in 1871 Cain broke up the property and sold 3/5th of the land to Judge Joseph.Cunningham and the remaining 2/5th was sold to William B Webber. In April of 1887 Andrew Barr and company bought Judge Joseph Cunninghams share of the property and then aquired the other 2/5th from the Webbers in Sept of that same year. The south end of the 5 acres of section number 5 became the 800 block .The 900 block, part of section No 6 was 5 acres off the south end of 14.41 acres owned by there sister Eliza Webber who was the wife of Clark Thompson.